Airlock's friendly and experienced engineers will help you sound the best you possibly can. Our head inhouse engineer is Yanto Browning.


Yanto has done several award winning and charting recordings of late including Mosman Alder, the Medics, Karl S Williams, Art of Sleeping, Kate Miller-Heidke and Jac Stone and is a lovely chap.

There is a whole new large wing to airlock which is not shown on the current map and plan. It is definitely worth taking the drive out to airlock to have a look!!!!!!!!!

Ample baffles and diffusers can be used to alter the sonic quality. We have 6 seperation areas with tie lines between them all.

We have individual an individual headphone mixing system to get the project flowing nicely and sounding great for all musicians involved. No more bickering over individual player levels while tracking!!!!!!!!

Can accommodate larger projects including large string sections.

Very large control room, acoustically designed by Ben Hall and Jo Malone. A room with a view and ambient natural light.