Digidesign Protools HDX with version 10 Protools
Waves platinum plugin bundle.
2 x avid HDX I/O's (allowing 32 i/o)
32/8 JLM modified TOFT Inline Console.

Crane Song 192 HEDD unit i/o and triode/pentode/tape saturation processor.

672 point bantam patch bay with ample spare tails for easy access into recording chain with your own outboard equipment

APPLE MAC 2 x 2.8 GHz quad core

32GB G* *00 RAM
2 x 24" cinema displays


Pre amps
sebatron vmp 4000e quad valve mic preamp

NEVE 1073 500series x 2

Sytek MPX 4A - 4 Ch preamp

A-Designs MP2 Stereo Tube Preamplifier

2 x TLA audio stereo valve pre's / di's
1 x Amex 9098 stereo pre's / di's
1 x ART single valvetube channel
2 x JLM TMP-8 8 channel pre amps
1 x JLM QUAD 8 - discreet vintage from 70's channel strips

Universal Audio LA-3A Audio Levellerx2

UREI 1176

2 x empirical labs distressor EL8-x
1 x Dbx 160SL blue face stereo comp
2 x DBX 160 VU Compressors
1 x dbx 266 compressor gate
1 x JLM SMC 2 - STEREO "SSL" style BUS Cmp.
2 x Spectra sonics 610 compressors
2 x valley people dyna-mite stereo compressor

2 x JLM PEQ 1 - Valve "PULTEC" style EQ

2xSSL Black EQ 500series

a friendly reminder that the TOFT console EQ section is inline and VERY VERY pleasant and useable.


Outboard Effects
1 x Yamaha Rev 500
1 x TC Electronics G force Guitar processor.
1 x Alesis Quadreverb
1 x Digitech StudioQuad
1 x Behringer Virtulizer
1 x LINE 6 Guitar POD RACK


Blue kiwi mic
Matched stereo pair AKG c414's
2 x Rode NT2
1 x Rode classic1
5 x Shure SM57
3 x Shure SM 58
2 x MANN M21
1 x AKG D112
2 x pzm
2 x Octava M219
1 x Octava M319
1 x 7 piece mic kit (superlux)
1 x 6 piece mic kit (superlux)
1 x boss DI
1 x Leem DI
Stereo Behringer DI
2 x SMPROAUDIO MC03 - "c12" clone valve microphone
2x RODE NTK tube

3 x Senheiser MD421

2 x sure SM7


Yanto's microphone collection is usually at airlock and includes coles, neumann, akg etc etc.


Yanto's personal gear list can be hired upon request.... includes API lunchbox, urei, pultec, SSL, NEVE etc

Studio Monitors
2 x Genelec 1029 powered Monitors (small)
2 x ADAM S2X powered monitors(medium)
2 x JLM custom Monitors (large)

Headphone Monitoring System
5 x Behringer 12 channel mixers
1 x Qmix HM6 - 6 channel Matrix mixer
(=11 x separate headphone mixers)
6 x sony mdr7506 headphones

2xshure SRH840 headphones

2x EX29 extreme isolation headphones

6x sony mdr xd100 headphones


Lots of effects pedalsand amplifiers including
1960's FENDER BASSMAN 4x12 combo

orange, fender, musicman, marshall, 65amps, roland, gretsch,supro, harmony etc etc.
ROGERS mid-60's 5 pce drum kit.

guitars inc gisbon gretsch , fender, maton can be hired upon request. (to cover strings and setup)

We have recently also purchased a Yamaha Mini Grand Piano, a 1960's wurlitzer electric piano, a Hammond L100 Keyboard and large leslie speaker in excellent condition, and a very cool wurlitzer organ.

there is also an upright piano which is fantastic for rock and roll.

we keep these in tune regularly.